About Me


I offer bespoke programmes to support youth as well as staff in various corporate climates. I specialise in leadership, positive psychology, wellbeing and yoga. 

In an ever-changing and evolving world, it is easy for stress to control us. As a person who was caught up in the corporate race aiming for promotion after promotion; I found that my wellbeing was falling at an exponential pace. 

It was this that led me to complete a Masters in Educational Leadership with a focus on Positive Psychology and Wellbeing for staff and students through Warwick University. I have written and presented various programmes within schools and designed exciting leadership workshops in other commercial environments. We are currently working with staff at Arsenal Stadium and with the implementation of new government strategies for children in Ontario Canada. 

I have a passion to share and inspire others to take care of their wellbeing by providing up-to-date, current strategies for wellness; particularly for students and staff at all levels. 


Masters in Educational Leadership (Focus on Positive Psychology and Wellbeing)

Teaching Leaders Graduate (3 year qualification)

Bachelor of Arts Honours

Bachelor of Education Honours 

Qualified Teachers Status with Leadership Responsibilities (11 Years Experience)

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training 

Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Certificate (KID)

Coachmark Certified

First Degree Reiki